Errors & Omissions Insurance


When you get covered for Errors & Omissions (E&O), you are protecting your business from two major risks. The first risk is the financial loss of a third party from the failure of the insured’s product to perform as intended or expected. The second risk is the financial loss of a third party caused by an act, error, or omission by the insured while in service for another party.

For any product you offer, whether it is software, a program, a physical good or even a service provided, there is an expectation of the performance of that product. Your E&O Insurance covers you if your product does not meet that (implicit or explicit) expectation. E&O Insurance covers litigations, settlements, and required court judgments.


We are certain that you have a great product to offer the world. Even with a great product, your are at risk because any mistake by you or an employee could leave yourself open to an E&O claim. Even if you make no mistakes, an unsatisfied customer could still make the claim that your company made promises that were not delivered. Even when that customer has no ground to stand on, the court costs to defend yourself can be very expensive without E&O covering those costs.

Commercial General Liability and E&O Insurance work hand in hand. Commercial General Liability covers personal injury caused by your products, while E&O covers financial injury that your products may cause.

If you have a software product that is necessary to the productivity of a company, and that software crashes, the third party company could lose a significant amount of money. In this scenario, the third party company experienced a financial loss due to the malfunction of your product. Your E&O Insurance would then cover in the ensuing lawsuit and judgement from this situation.

So I’m at risk. What do I do?

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