General Liability Insurance


General Liability Insurance is what covers your company from 3rd party liability. That is claims from physical injuries, whether bodily or property injury, from a party outside your company. This can happen if someone is injured from using one of your products or injured while on your property.

Coverage is not one size fits all and there are specific risks that certain companies will want to cover while others will not. This coverage can then be tailored to the needs of each business. For example, a tech company could cover themselves against personal injuries caused from a blog post or from claims of advertising injury caused while marketing.

These policies pay the costs of litigation and the costs of the injury.


If your company posts anything to the internet or runs advertisements, then your company is exposed to personal injury risks. If your content is deemed slanderous or libelous by a third party, then they may sue, which can be a huge headache and an even bigger expense.

Beyond the cyber realm, if you meet with clients at their office or if they come to yours, there is risk of property damage. If you manufacture a product, Commercial General Liability policies will cover your company against injuries from defects on your products.

In many cases, contracts between you and your customers, other business, or for lease agreements will require that your company have General Liability coverage in place.

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